Dwayne Cranford

Dwayne Cranford’s love for rocks stems from his childhood and growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His artist talents emerged at a very young age. Dwayne spent countless hours cutting and shaping pieces of cardboard paper to create 3-D models of motorcycles. Carefully forming each part to fit the bike perfectly and create a replica of an authentic motorcycle. A self taught artist Dwayne a Colorado native, learned his welding skills in a foundry and took them with him to serve in the United States Army. Later he spent his days installing natural gas pipeline. On his days off as a hobby he began applying his welding skills to create steel sculptures. His figurative sculptures are created from materials such as bike chains, concrete nails and scrap steel that had been discarded. Ten years ago he began combining stone with the metal to create durable, unique, weatherproof furniture.