Dorothy Gaziano

"I grew up in Massachusetts and lived in the city for many years. When I was a teen, my family and I moved to the suburbs of Boston where I still remain today. I'm so fortunate to be a stone's throw from the beaches and a few steps from the mountains.
I'm an established artist, working with a publishing company for over 8 years as a folk art painter. My work has been licensed by companies such as York Wallcoverings, Wallquest, India Home Fashion, Fashion Mats Inc., Close to the Art, Direct International, Magnet Works, Blossom Bucket and Mohawk. I broke away from folk art to pursue my love in abstract art. 
My inspiration comes from nature.. walking on the beach feeling the sun on my face, or the beautiful color of the sky, or the shape of the clouds as the sun shines against them.
My hope is that my art connects with the viewer, giving them a feeling felt only in the heart".