Don Tran
Mixed Media

"Don Tran is a native of Vietnam and has a MBA degree from Webster University (St. Louis, MO). He is the youngest of thirteen children. Hand-Sewn Silk Embroidery is a traditional artwork within the Tran family that has been passed down for many generations. His mother started when she was 14 years of age. Mr. Tran has inherited these precious skills and raised his work to a high level of expertise to meet the taste and expectations of his clients. The artwork is stitched into black linen fabric (Nylon, Satin, Cotton, Silk) so that the vibrant colors of the silk threads stand out. The artwork is created from the mind of the artist. Mr. Tran starts with simple light chalk lines, then with his imagination, patience and skills creates true works of art. Vietnamese embroidery is a tradition folk art with traditional themes. Each village has common designs that say something about their culture and daily life. Each home and person has particular designs and motifs they use in their work. The skill and technique of the individual is what pushes it to the level of arts. Some of Mr. Tran's signature pieces are created from masters' traditional designs that are used within his native village. In addition to keeping these traditional designs and making them better with his own skills, he also creates new designs reflecting his personal style and high level of expertise".