Dona Bollard

For almost 30 years photography has captured my soul as a means of expression, a way to dot the “I” in my life. When my close friend and fellow photographer, Hillary Sloss, asked why I keep photographing, I told her, “I can’t not do it.”  And it is truly that simple!!

Photography has taken leaps of changes in the past few years, but it still calls to me from the time I was introduced to it; the magic of seeing an image appear on a piece of paper being bathed in a tray and rocked back and forth! Back in those days, it was the romance of taking a picture with film, hoping you exposed it properly, then the excitement of developing it and hoping you did that right too!! Then comes the experimenting of printing the negatives, which leads to large amounts of mesmerizing darkness.  I get an electric feeling that runs through my body when I have a photograph printed exceptionally fine….this is black-and-white magic!

Thanks to photographer Paul Milette, my photographic career started with editorial newspaper and magazine publications which include The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Daily News & Life Magazine, The Boston Globe, Woman’s Wear Daily, and The National Enquirer among others. Recently, my work has appeared in Restoration Hardware and is currently part of a collection with “Natural Curiosities” and “Ethan Allen.”

I exclusively work with B&W film and hand process and print all my own work and occasionally experiment with alternative processes like Platinum, Van Dyke, Cyanotype, and Polaroid Transfer.

The goal of my work is to access spirit. Whether I am working with a person, animal or still life I like to play in the realm of dreams and with the romance of connected wisdom.

I welcome clients to explore my images with the intent to create pieces that fit into their environments. My signature images are framed with distressed antique frames, but I am willing to explore different presentation styles.