Dennis Goodman

Most of my photography comes from the Florida Everglades. I enjoy taking the day and exploring the vast swamp land hunting for that perfect shot. The connection I have when I am in the Everglades is indescribable. There is endless array of wildlife including birds, alligators, snakes, foliage and much more that my eye sees something different on each adventure.

My inspiration comes from the beauty in nature and it has become spiritual expedition as well. My goal as an artist is to showcase the beauty and wonders of God’s amazing creations that surround this world today as I see it. Touching the emotions of another and to have them experience the photograph as if they were taking the picture is my focus. The ever changing light and the details of the swamp are captured in the hidden world we often do not see or experience.

The natural scenery you see in my photos represents the beauty of nature as God created it there. Nothing is more pleasing to me then when a shot resonates with others and gives them inspiration. I love when my photo can tell a story – give someone a visual of the swamp in their mind and make them feel like they were there with me. My journey to follow my passion and to follow the plan that God has put forth for me is what is really important in my life and my family’s life. Through my photography I hope people realize how important it is to preserve our wetlands and the Everglades as God intended for future generations to come.

My work has been published in several publications such as Portfolio Magazine, GulfShore Life, Florida Weekly, Destination Naples, Naples Daily News, Ava Maria College and many other magazines and publications.