Debbie Hummel-Marconi

Debbie Hummel-Marconi's artistic career began accidentally when scotch distiller, Dewar's, discovered some sketches she had completed for an advertising client.  They hired her on the spot for a three month promotional tour as a caricature artist which turned into two years of invaluable work experience.

She is self-taught and without any outside artistic influences, has developed a style that is  exclusively her own.  She  creates from her heart, choosing subject matter that is guaranteed to make people smile. Her narrative style has been labeled whimsical and humoristic.  Philosophically, she wants her paintings to say something, convey a message and not be used to match sofas or fill wall space. Her work is detailed, colorful and extremely verbal. Her titles are an added bonus as they are equally as entertaining.

 She feels that her childhood contributed greatly to her work, as her family was never at a loss for laughs.  She cites, that for this reason, her witty spirit has carried through into her work and has given people much joy.  Objectively, if her art has given you cheer, her goal has been accomplished.