Deborah Candelora

"From woodworking to sculpting to landscaping, I love to create with my hands. I use a variety of materials and I am always trying something new although I have determined my preference for natural materials and works celebrating the natural beauty and forces of the Rocky Mountains.      

All of my art is abstract, seeking to capture the character and essence of the constantly changing, deeply expressive land and life of the area: a twisted tree branch, galloping horses, wind gusts out of nowhere, a mountain lion who disappears before you're even sure he was there. The recent fires and floods are yet two additional dimensions to the seemingly limitless influences. My sculptures are fluid, curvilinear forms with simple, clean lines and often an unexpected, hidden element. I take great care to make sure that each piece is intriguing from all directions and that it is enjoyable to touch and feel.

Formally trained as an engineer, I am a self-taught artist. I live in Bellvue, Colorado with my husband, dog, cats, and horses, a setting that serves as inspiration. Visitors are always welcome to visit the studio."