Deborah Berry
Deborah grew up in a small country town in the state of New York.  Her love for the beauty within nature began while growing up in this country setting.
Deborah has a degree in Paralegal, Accounting and Business Administration.  She also holds a real estate license in the state of Florida. 
The only formal photography education she has had was in her early days of college when she took a basic photography class.  She started her love for photography when she began to capture the precious moments in time of her three children as they were growing up.  She finally switched from film to digital photography in 2011, which has given her the opportunity of creating and editing her  photography into works of art.  Some of her work is presented naturally, while others have textures added to create unique works of fine art.  She enjoys showing her spiritual beliefs by adding scripture to her images and creating prints, greeting cards, and calendars that give others inspiration.  Her newest form of art is high speed photography capturing the unseen world of liquid collisions.
Deborah currently lives in the state of Florida.  She is married, and when able, she travels with her husband all over the United States, as his business takes him to a different state each week.  This gives her the unique opportunity to photograph nature in many different areas and settings.