David Sandidge
David Sandidge was Born into a military family in 1964, His family moved from one duty station to another. By the time he reached 13 years old the family had settled in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His older brother found a job at a local glass factory where they were training young apprentices to make small glass figurines. In 1979 when David turned 15 years old, he joined his brother at the factory. It was there that he would lay the foundation for a life long career as an artist in glass.
Although factory work would not be his ambition, he went to college to study aviation. The factory job helped him pay for the education. Eventually he would come to realize that his passion for glass and art glass work outweighed his desire to fly airplanes. He excelled at the factory mastering his technique and designing new products. David  was no longer doing production work, he was training, designing, and overseeing production.

About 15 years into his career at the factory he was approached by the people handling the art glass blowing operation at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. They offered him a position as the principle artist. He began to expand on his work. He was given artistic freedom to create much larger and complex pieces , as well as the job of producing high-end limited edition Disney Characters, custom commissions, and corporate awards

 He has worked in Disneyland Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and California. He has made numerous trips to various parts of China teaching his designs in several factories. After leaving Disney in 2015, David began working out of his own Home studio where he teaches one-on-one workshops for glass students and he produces his artwork for galleries and fine art festivals.