David Mangels

"The edges of the nature are filled with beauty. A storm clearing at sunrise creates a glowing landscape that makes your heart fill with joy. The overlap between two climates can create unique ecosystems that give spark to the imagination within all of us. Extremes of desert or arctic wilderness offer moments of stark wonder that might remain unknown simply because so few people have the opportunity to see them. In the rhythm of spring, summer, fall, winter and spring again, each season has its moment of glory.

The idea of the 'decisive moment', coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, is one that permeates every genre of photography. Landscape photography is no exception. In the landscape, though, the decisive moment which makes a compelling photograph can play out over a much longer timeframe. Desert cacti open their blooms only once during a brief period each year. An iceberg calved from its parent glacier has only a short life before melting away. Impermanence is everywhere.

My work celebrates the edges of the natural world and the beauty of impermanence. Craft and vision are honed to capture moments of simple splendor through light, color, lines, texture.

This is our home. Take a moment to feel what it has to offer".