David Julian

My goal as a photographer is to capture images that invite the viewer to pause and take a closer look at the beaut​iful​ world around us​ that in our busy lives often escapes our attention. I look for scenery, objects and phenomena that speak of beauty and serenity, with the hope that they will ​inspire in​ the viewer tranquility ​and happiness.

As a child, even before I could read, National Geographic Magazine was my obsession. Images of nature, humanity, technology and science captured my imagination and inspired in me awe and a desire to explore our world as adventurers who preceded me had done. The fascination I have in experiencing the wonders of our world drives me to share the experience with others as best as I can, through the medium of photography.

As a college undergraduate at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, South Dakota, I studied photography, television and film, attaining in 1984 a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications - emphasis on television production. My first job out of college was working as a news videographer/editor at KCAU TV channel 9, an ABC affiliate in Sioux City, Iowa. After three years working there and rising to the position of Chief Videographer/Editor I resigned my position and returned in 1987 to the University of South Dakota, pursuing a Master's Degree in Mass Communications​/Broadcast Management,​ which I attained in 1989. From 1987 until 2010 ​circumstances led me to​ work as Manager/​L​ogistician/​F​ramer/​S​hipper for a professional fine artist. In 2012 I ​decided to ​resurrect my work as a photographer, focusing on improving my skills and developing a career as a self employed photographer.