David Golzbein

Beautiful, hand-turned wood creations made in Miami, Florida.

David, the artist, was born and raised on Miami Beach. He is a self taught wood turner and is a member of the South Florida Wood Turner's Guild.  He began turning wood 6-years ago after running into an old friend who introduced him to the hobby. He fell in love with the idea of taking a simple chunk of wood that was slotted to be thrown out and turning it into a beautiful, functional piece of art. All of his pieces began as local South Florida salvaged trees. 

David has also developed a unique method of incorporating colored resin into his work to not only make distressed pieces safer to turn but to also add a beautiful stained-glass effect to his art. His work is predominantly bowls in various sizes though he also has vases, platters, muddlers and lamps, to name a few. He finishes all his pieces with a food safe bees wax and orange oil treatment making his work functional as well as beautiful.