David Bolin

I’ve been enthralled with wildlife and nature as long as I can remember. Growing up in Tennessee and going to the Smokey Mountains on vacations with my family gave me the push to move to photography to record the things I love. Using my subscription to National Geographic I was always finding a new place I wanted to visit and photograph.

As I grew older I was able to make more of the things I dreamed of as a child come true. I started traveling more to the West as I got older in search of larger mammals and landscapes. My wife and I made the giant leap twelve years ago and now make our home in Black Forest, Colorado. We use this as a jumping-off point to our travels in the West.

I tend to focus on large mammals such as grizzly bears, which we have been lucky enough to have photographed over the past 30 years. Also included are wolves, moose, badger and anything else we encounter in our travels.

Since moving to Colorado I’ve spent a lot of time photographing wild mustangs in the surrounding states. This has turned into one of our greatest passions and the conservation of these wonderful animals.

This past year I was honored to win Defenders of Wildlife National Competition. Most recently I won First Place in Cowboys & Indians National Competition for Wildlife Photography. Over the past several years I won Best Photographer in some of the art shows I attended.

I am a Nikon shooter and use a wide selection of lens from 20mm to 600mm long lens, which provide a good comfort zone for the animals.

I continue to strive to improve my skills with new ideas and concepts. Currently I work in High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR), which is providing a new level of excitement in my work.

I hope you enjoy my work and look forward to seeing you at the art shows we attend.