Darren Jones
Mixed Media

Darren Jones is a Chicago based artist who captures nature’s beauty in paintings which evoke emotion and a sense of humanity.

“Darren’s work is the centerpiece of our family room,” says a long time friend and patron. “His painting of a Tuscan poppy field draws the viewer into the heart of that field. Breathtaking!”

This is a theme for Jones, who paints out of his studio on North Ravenswood in Chicago’s North end. “I hear from people all of the time that art brings them together, creates conversation and even breaks down barriers,” says Jones.

He adds, “Nature and the beauty that surrounds us inspire my soul, my thinking and my artwork.” Natural landscapes, gardens, flowers and water heavily influence his work.  Growing up, fond memories of his mother’s gardens and how she tended to them so gently and they have been the inspiration for many of his paintings.” Travelling frequently, Jones is often moved by novel surroundings.  “Many of the world’s natural wonders such as storms, sunsets and sunrises act as a muse for my work.” All of these elements help him create works that are impressionistic and contemporary in style.

With his current collection, he tries to evoke a sense of place, peace and calm within one’s soul.  With many of his new pieces, he has incorporated delicate papers, wood fibers and sand mixed with acrylic paints to create a greater depth to his work.