Danny Bushart

Founded in 1973, Romantic Jewelry has grown from a small time hobby operated out of a humble garage to an extremely successful jewelry business with high quality sterling silver collections sold in over 40 galleries throughout Hawaii. Originally called “Bushart Designs”, Danny Bushart began creating his original design handcrafted jewelry during high school. Almost 30 years later, under the new name “Romantic Jewelry” and a more “professional” headquarters, Danny still finds himself creating classic, timeless, elegant, and wearable jewelry that continues to delight women all over the world.

Romantic Jewelry is and has always been built on a unique philosophy: To create classic heirloom quality jewelry influenced by the Romantic Eras, that is both elegant and wearable.  Danny passionately dedicates his time and energy to exploring new avenues while remaining true to his philosophy focused around quality.

Romantic Jewelry is based primarily in Maui, Hawaii, however you can find Danny and his wife Jan Bushart in various locations throughout the year as they travel to and from Mainland art shows. Some of their stops include shows in California, Arizona, and Colorado. Romantic Jewelry has participated in hundreds of shows over the last 30 years and have won several awards.

Danny is influenced by some of the greatest jewelry eras in history while creating his one-of-a-kind pieces. The Romantic, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Victorian Eras lend their unique aspects to the graceful flowing lines of Romantic Jewelry designs.