Daniel Bondroff

          In my paintings, I try to tell the story of what I have seen. Rather than just painting a nice scene, I create an image that allows people to share my experience. I create this experience by using strong directional strokes and controlling the temperature of the colors used.

          I see my paintings like a movie director sees the characters in his/her films. Most films have a strong lead character, supporting roles, and extras. In my paintings, nature plays the lead and supporting roles, while man-made objects usually take on the role of extras.

           Most of my recent work has explored the theme of escape. While many people view escape as a departure from their physical environment, my vision of escape involves taking real life and using imagination as the vehicle for the journey. My paintings are all scenes of real places; everyday scenes rather than well known landmarks. I enjoy exploring our overlooked environment. The things we take for granted are sometimes the most beautiful if we take a moment to notice them.