Chuck Peashey
Mixed Media

"Custom Woodworker / Designer specializing in uniquities.  Artfully repurposing items such as vintage pianos & tired musical instruments, as well as other treasures creatively giving new life as custom, eclectic pieces of furniture, home decor & works of art.

If you've never really looked inside a piano, you would be amazed at the incredible number of beautiful, intricate parts that combine to enrich our lives * and our ears * with an endless variety of sounds & harmonies.  The simple touch of a key sets these parts into motion, ultimately causing the hammer to strike tightly tensioned strings creating...    the MUSIC!!!   .When problems arise that interfere with the operation of these magnificent instruments, they are often discarded, scrapped, or sent to landfills. When the MUSIC STOPS, we still find much beauty & look for ways to artistically repurpose these parts, giving them new life in a variety of ways... creative artworks, home decor, & furniture".