Christiane & Oliver Hampel

Jewelry, as an art form, has the power to create moods and produce reactions. This is the design philosophy that the German jewelry designers and goldsmiths Christiane & Oliver Hampel follow in creating and developing their own unique collection of jewelry.

Although they use precious metals like 18k and 24k gold, as well as sterling silver and precious stones, the design is of much greater importance to Christiane & Oliver than the intrinsic value of the materials that they work with.

Born 1974 in Hanover Germany, Christiane's interest in jewelry design began at a young age and it was quickly becoming apparent that this adolescent pastime was much more than that, as Christiane's talents far exceeded her years. In 1996, Christiane received her degree as a goldsmith with honors and went on winning a nationwide jewelry design contest. Christiane also studied jewelry design and received her degree in 2001.

Christiane's innate sense of style and boundless creativity coupled with her love of nature is reflected in her jewelry. For the last 16 years Christiane has enchanted audiences in Germany and Spain, creating a loyal following of collectors and admirers of her jewelry.

In May 2007 Christiane successfully showed her unique jewelry in the United States for the first time. The immense interest in her jewelry demanded the opening of a studio in the United States. In January of 2008 Christiane opened her first studio in Naples Florida.