Chris and Lynn Corrie

Chris and Lynn Corrie have been making things all of their lives.  As children, it was go-carts, tree-houses, papier-mache objects, models, doll houses.  In college, they studied jewelry-making, clay, painting, lithography, print making, and every other form of “making things” that they had available to them.

In 1981, they met, they married, and they started making things together.  Chris started out as a jeweler but quickly became enamored of the stained glass making that was happening on the other half of their shared studio by Lynn.  He soon switched to making stained glass as well, and they have been collaborating on every aspect of making stained glass windows ever since.

Chris and Lynn love working with glass: its transcendental quality of manipulating color and light to create beautiful designs.   They feel fortunate that when they go to work every day they know that what they will be doing is not only their life’s work, but their passion as well.