Christine Chandler

Christine Chandler Designs started in 2010.

Just as the jewelry designs have changed over 

the years so has my hair.  I just don't want you 

to be confused...It is still ME!  :) 


This maybe your first time discovering Christine Chandler Designs jewelry.  I want you to know that everything that we offer for sale is handmade by me or my husband, Trace.  Only high quality materials are used.  The leather is naturally dyed and conditioned.  Each pearl must pass our personal inspection.  Every piece of copper I personally flame paint.  All jewelry pieces are my own personal designs.

I have over 600 reviews on my Etsy store if you would like to read them :

Christine, Trace and Taco Chandler are the creators of Christine Chandler Designs.  Adventures.
My husband and I LOVE to hear from you and read your reviews.  Through out each year we do a few Art Festivals where we have the pleasure to meet some of you.  We also love to see photos of you wearing the jewelry that we created for you.  If you have a custom request do not hesitate to ask me about it.  Also, we very much appreciate, whenever you purchase and get a chance to experience the jewelry that you would please leave a review.  

My main goal is that YOU are HAPPY.  ENJOY!!!