Chris Carskaddan

"My passion is creating heirlooms on the wood lathe.  I believe that beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive. A salad bowl can be used for dinner, then placed back on the table as a decorative centerpiece. A vase holding red roses can be just as stunning when empty. Embellishments, including pyrography, dying, beading and carving, are meant to highlight the beauty of the wood, not distract from it. Wood art is more than visually appealing, it elicits strong tactile and olfactory sensations--it feels and smells great too! I choose classic forms with appropriate proportions for the intended use of the object. Form may follow function, but it's also the foundation for creating appealing art. 
From salvaging the wood to turning it on the lathe, every step of the process is intended to make someone pick up the piece, hold it, and say, "That is beautiful".