Cheri Kudja

My name is Cheri & I've been making found object robots for a couple of years now. It started as a project with one of my daughters, but it has quickly become this "closet artist's" passion. The thought of one of my little creations adorning a shelf, a desk, a kids room, etc., or being given as a gift, gives me great joy as I'm giving a part of me with each little creation. I enjoy making each one of these little Bitti Bots! 

I love to tinker with small found objects, hardware & jewelry scraps. I'm often spotted jumping out of cars picking up spark plugs & lugnuts as most of my creations contain 90% of recycled or upcycled items. My friends & family now understand I'm not just a pack rat, or crazy, I actually use the stuff I find to create something. 

I just love, love, love robots! The more the merrier…