Carrie Jacobson

Painting came to Carrie Jacobson in 2006, when she was 50. At first, it seemed like a way to cope with her mother’s death. Then it became a way to cope with the death of her boss in the newspaper where she worked, and then, a way to cope with the elimination of the journalism job she’d thought she would have forever. 

In time, Carrie recognized painting as the gift it is, and made it the focus of her life.

She left her 25-year career, and she and her husband Peter and their five dogs and two cats moved from Connecticut to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where the light is spectacular, the winters are warm, the people friendly and the land undeveloped. 

Painting in oils, and with a palette knife, Carrie has worked to launch a successful painting career. She participates in art festivals, sells in galleries and has developed a strong online presence, on her blog, The Accidental Artist ( and her website,