Carolyn Currie

As early as I can remember I've been doing some kind of artwork.  I received my first oil paints as a young teen while spending the summer at the shore in RI.  The ocean was the subject of my first oil paintings.  Since those early attempts I believe I've succeeded in simplifing to capture more of the essence of a scene.  Traveling along the eastern seaboard has given me the opportunity to paint marshes and beaches. Although I enjoy working "en plein air", most of my paintings are composed from my own photographic images and painted in the studio.

I believe my purpose as an artist is to convey to the viewer my experience of being in touch with the wonder and beauty of the earth and sky. To attempt to represent these special moments on a two dimensional surface is humbling but exciting and I invite all who see my paintings to share in my respect and awe of creation. When a person feels that connection I believe I've succeeded as an artist. Often I reflect on how fortunate I am to be doing what I love to do.......Painting.