Carla Cope
Mixed Media

Everyone said I was a shy child, but I was a focused observer of people and their behavior. I believe I was learning how the world worked. I turned these observations into my own language, a visual language that could speak louder than my mouth. I convert emotions and feelings into a visual language of symbols, colors, and shapes. By layering the shapes and colors I could express my moods and thoughts. I believe our thoughts have communication with our bodies, and our bodies express our emotions and subconscious thoughts. I show this through the layering of paint, each effects the next layers appearance, by influencing it’s ultimate outcome. The textures of the paints or mixed media materials all influence the feelings conveyed in the paintings composition.

I use acrylics, mixed media, watercolor, and pastel to illustrate the layering structure of human experience. Everything we experience layers up to make up our now sense of being. The textures, layers, and glazes transform the flat canvas into a living visual display of beauty. The vibrant colors convey psychological mood and messages. The billowing clouds and vaporous strokes evoke a sense of mystery. I build paintings, as I would build my sculptures. I stack glazes of color for luminosity, gritty textures for angst, soft gels to express soothing, and swirling gestures to guide the chaos of emotion.

When I am creating art, I am in a “flow state.” I am at one with the art and “mindfullness” in the moment of creation. I lose all awareness of the world around me, as I am all consumed in the guidance I am receiving from my intuition. It is the most beautiful feeling of peace and joy, and it is my greatest desire to be in this state as, much as possible. I choose art making, because it chooses me.