Caleb Barnaby

I grew up in an artistic environment where nature, exploration and creativity always took precedence over new age technology. When I was young, my mother started a gallery where she sold handmade sea glass jewelry, which showed me that an endeavor such as this could actually be a sustainable business. And, since a very young age, I’ve taken perfectly good working objects and deconstructed them to make them into abstract art pieces. In elementary school, I found a fascination with rocks and minerals and then a desire to turn them into wearable art. And, throughout my high school years, I was very fortunate to have such passionate teachers in arts and crafts. A jewelry-making class solidified my love for cultivating magic with my hands. Since then, I’ve been broadening my techniques, most of which are self-taught, with a constant drive to evolve my creations. I was able to start my own business selling my creations in 2014.