Bruce Holwerda
          As a visual artist, it is my goal to master the skill necessary to translate the ideal image conceived in my minds eye to a tangible form. I begin with a strong idea of the type of pose or figure that I want to paint, but the designs, colors and even techniques come during the painting process. I believe that it is important to put a finished piece out of sight and out of mind for several weeks, while continuing to work on other projects, until I have detached myself from the last finished piece. This is when I bring it back out to critique. A fresh eye will reveal whether or not I have succeeded. There is always a struggle between the balance and form the eye understands, and the emotional involvement invested in the work. It is also very important to me to bring the finished pieces out to meet the public, to display them in unfamiliar surroundings, and to listen to the comments and wonderings of art patrons.