Brenda Gordon

Brenda Gordon was born in Washington, DC. and graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising Design and Fine Arts.

Brenda began her own freelance mural and faux finishing business. Hershey Park in Pennsylvania commissioned her to paint a 2500 square foot mural in their restaurant, the Hershey Chocolate Town Café. Other corporate clients beckoned, including Sutton Place Gourmet, which commissioned murals for four of their stores; a Herculean undertaking, the murals were three feet in height, but altogether spanned an incredible 58 feet.

Undaunted by projects both creatively and logistically demanding, Brenda went on to create murals for the Marriott Corporation (12 by 21 feet, encompassing the entire wall of the newly-remodeled headquarters cafeteria) and Meadowlark Botanical Gardens (58 by 7 feet, in the atrium). For both projects, Brenda created a stunning trompe l'oeil effect on a grand scale, blending the real architecture of floor-to-ceiling windows with a painted mirage to expand the space and delight the senses.For her innovative and stunning work, Brenda has received numerous awards: for a mural at Hershey Park, an award from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID); for the Meadowlark Gardens mural, and an award of appreciation from the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

Her murals have been featured in Elan magazine, Mclean Connection, Forbes Magazine and The Patriot News.Brenda's smaller works have also gained a large following; she continues to sell her paintings through local galleries, and have been exhibited at the New York Art Expo. Numerous paintings to individuals and corporations have been sold. She was commissioned to paint "The Wild Goose Chase" by the Centennial Grand National Steeplechase Races in Baltimore, Maryland, which also published limited edition prints. At a Christmas event, the Choral Arts Society of Washington commissioned her to paint for the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.In her paintings,

Brenda goes beyond conventional representations of nature to explore the sensory experiences that nature inspires. She likes to capture instances of dramatic lighting, creating unique scenes in unusual circumstances. She works with both oils and acrylics, building up texture and glazes to create vibrancy in color, luster and depth. Working in a style, which has been described as romantic realism, Brenda has embraced diverse subject matter, driven by that which moves [her] at the moment. In all of her work, meticulous attention to detail reveals Gordon's passion for the beauty of nature, her interest in human interaction and her love of expressing both through the imagery of art.

With a gift for painting beautiful renderings of complex subjects from the human figure and still life to landscape and wildlife and a strong sense of composition, Brenda infuses her work with dramatic finesse. The result is outstanding and incomparable works of art.

Artist Statement...Gordon's goal as an artist is to elevate the viewer beyond the everyday experience to take the viewer beyond the commonplace, to the unexpected and exceptional. However, Brenda's approach to her art, much like her approach to life, is neither esoteric nor ostentatious, but is rather refreshingly direct and pragmatic: It's got to look like something, so it might as well look good.
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