Brent Anderson

My obsession to capture and create new and exciting images often takes me to places most would not know existed and puts me in situations that many others wouldn’t even consider. I’ve learned early on that if I’m not lost in the wilderness, covered in sand or mud, or simply drenched by the end of the day, I most likely did not capture the image that was hidden there in the landscape, waiting for me to discover.

Growing up in the forests, streams and swamps of the Allegheny Mountains ignited my passion for nature and the environment, which lead me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Environmental Biology and eventually into a career as a biologist on the largest river restoration project in the world…The Kissimmee River of the Northern Everglades in central Florida.

A new chapter of my life is to travel throughout North America with my family and camera in pursuit to reconnect with my childhood memories, while providing this same life-changing opportunity for my children to experience. Along the way I will be showcasing my photography at selected fine art festivals and conducting workshops across the country.