Bonnie Hedden

Bonnie Hedden is a North Central Pennsylvania based jewelry artist who creates individually handcrafted pieces based on the use of traditional metal and wire working techniques.  Her jewelry is a unique composition of metal and imagination.  Whether it be from the simplicity of forming wire, or the more challenging aspects of combining several techniques, it all begins with imagination.

Her inspiration comes from such things as learning new skills, tool of all kinds (hammers, hammers, hammers!), and the unexpected twists and turns of efforts that sometimes go south.  "It is the unforeseen arbitrary occurrence that can turn what appears as failure, into happy opportunity!"

Bonnie brings a fresh dynamic to jewelry design. It is her philosophy that designing is a process drawn from everyday living and experiences.  "I work jewelry is an extension of my spirit, and I proudly embrace the view that my art is energy.  It will always be a work in progress, as am I."