Robert Copeland

From the early morning sunrise on a Tuscan hillside to the late afternoon glow in a small village in southern France, it's all about the light. I find myself waiting for that precise moment that makes my photographs come alive and pulls the viewer into the scene.

I attended Brooks Institute of Photography in the 1970's and obtained a degree in Industrial and Scientific photography. Since graduation I made my living as a medical photographer and later in portraiture. Photographing stock images of medical, business and landscapes I worked through Westlight and Corbis stock agencies to sell my images throughout the world.

Shooting in camera raw I capture the subtle details of each scene with stunning clarity and color. Through years of developing traditional darkroom techniques and more recently experimentation in photoshop, I have developed a style I call "painting with light." What I thought was a highly manipulated enlarger printed photograph, I now realize was only the beginning. My digital darkroom puts me in total control of my photographs. I control color, contrast and density of an image down to the smallest details. Using these techniques I enhance the image by adding shadow and light, sharpen or blur, fine tune color and remove any distracting elements. These techniques allow me to direct your eye within my photographs.

I have chosen fine art watercolor paper and canvas along with long lasting ultra chrome pigmented inks that will outlive traditional color prints by decades.