Bill Snyder

 I have been interested in Astronomy since I was very young. I left the hobby for quite awhile and recently, about 9 years ago reacquainted myself with the stars. I am a member of the AAAP Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh Pa. and have my own Home Observatory. I have been involved with astrophotography since 2007 , and would like to share some of my images with you. I capture and process my own data (images) and also process other data from other observatory’s when available. Capturing the data is only half the battle. Once the images are taken with the camera and the telescope, it must be processed to produce the colorful images we see published in magazines and other media. Some of the eairler images were taken with a Meade DSI III CCD camera  and a William Optics 80mm scope. I have recently (01/03/10)  acquired a Apogee U8300 CCD camera, and a Orion Atlas EQG, also a TMB SS 130mm scope which has been  installed in my home observatory. Most of the images on the site now are acquired with the Apogee U8300.  Also 8/1/11  I have joined with Martin Pugh at Heavens Mirror Observatory at the  Sierra Remote Observatory complex in the Sierra Nevada Mountians in CA. This is equiped with  a 17in Planewave with a Apogee U16 CCD camera.