Ben LaBrecque

LaBrecque Glassworks is the studio of glass artist Ben LaBrecque. Until Ben's discovery of glass as an artistic medium, he had dabbled in many other art forms including sketching, painting, and pottery with interest, but certainly not obsession. Once Ben discovered glass, his artistic and creative world changed forever. He went from an occasional artist to borderline obsessive nearly overnight. "There is an addicting quality to glass. Moving from solid to liquid, and everything in between is an amazing and unique experience. There is no other medium quite like it." 

Ben received formal training in Fine Art at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont. He has studied the glassblowing technique of lampwork, also referred to as flamework, on his own for six years. In 2011, Ben attended Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, Washington and learned from renowned glass artist, educator, and author, Bandu Dunham. In 2013, Ben attended the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY and studied the technique of Venetian goblet making with Italian glass artists Emilio Santini, a world renowned Italian goblet maker and instructor, and Simone Crestani, a glassblowing master and contemporary artist. 

Ben is dedicated to making high quality, unique, affordable, and functional glass pieces inspired by the natural world. LaBrecque Glassworks is located in beautiful Teton Valley, Idaho where natural inspiration is unavoidable. With the Teton range to the east and the equally beautiful, but less well known, Snake River and Big Hole ranges to the south and west, Teton Valley is the perfect place to find inspiration and express creativity through art.

LaBrecque Glassworks is a very small family owned and operated business committed to making beautiful and functional glass art. Thank you for your support and interest.