Barb Mason

"You light up the room when you enter it with your signature style and huge personality. You get your energy when you spend time with the family and friends you adore most.  And I bet you have the best time when you pull together an outfit and remember the experience you had when you bought your amazing statement jewelry. You remember the show you bought it at and the friends you were with that day.  How much fun you had with the artist who created your clothing and then that perfect statement piece of jewelry that was your icing on the cake. I hope we were together for one of those experiences because that is what acquiring a piece of bobbi kahn design jewelry is all about. Let’s get together and do it again or for the first time!

My designs are funky, chunky and fabulously chic statement pieces created with beads sourced from all over the world. They are meticulously united to form a beautiful balance of color, texture and dimension that make whomever wears it look and feel terrific. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and finished with clasps that start conversations.

Fashionable and enormously versatile, a piece of bobbi kahn design jewelry looks amazing when worn with jeans or a gown, at work or for play, on tall women and short, curvy women and lean ladies. Regardless of when you wear them or what your body type is, these are not pieces for the faint of heart! When you wear a bobbi kahn design item, be prepared to be noticed. With an extraordinary combination of color, texture, unusually beautiful stones or ornamentation, bobbi kahn design makes a positive fashion statement for everyone.

In 2008 I began designing my own line of jewelry. This was a pivotal time in my life.  My husband lost his car dealership and money was tight. It was the greatest loss of his life.  Not just the money, but this dealership was his dream and he had to bury it.  I had weight loss surgery (a vertical sleeve gastrectomy) and I felt like I lost my dear friend and pastime: FOOD.  What was I going to do with all the time I had now that I wasn’t eating constantly?  Shopping wasn’t an option since money was tight. My career as a jewelry designer started innocently enough, first with the repair of a broken bracelet, then repurposing some of my late mother’s costume jewelry.  Instead of buying new, I recreated the old.  It was like shopping…sort of. Friends and perfect strangers began asking about the jewelry I wore. When I said I designed it, they asked if I sold my work. Poof! Serendipity stuck and bobbi kahn design was born.

bobbi kahn designs can also be found at art fairs throughout the summer, and at charity luncheons, fundraisers and art shows in fall and winter, especially around the holidays".