Bamboo Articulation

Think and build dynamically being responsible economically, socially and environmentally by making handcrafted products from renewable bamboo for a better quality of life for those that use them. 

My name is Phillip James Fiuza Lima, and I am the creator of Bamboo ARTiculation. I don’t make just anything, I look to make handcrafted products through ART design and functionality of the bamboo material I use mainly for my products as it is a sustainable material.

“Waste not, want not” and “See a need. Fill a need.” are the mottos I follow. 

Currently focusing on home decor products I do like working on special projects. One in particular is the Bamboo-bini™️ which a children’s bicycle that “grows” for use from ages 8months to 8 years. Still in its final stages I’ll be revealing the new design in 2021! I also made an electric guitar because I wanted to learn how to play.