Avner Ofer

Traveling to many remote and off the beaten path locations, I attempt to capture intimate moments, and glimpses into other cultures. Studying the languages, customs,  and geography of the places I visit enables me to explore deeper into that culture, and try to revel some of the essence of the place. Using this philosophy allows me to photograph any location from exotic Tibet to my back yard in Washington D.C. with the same insight and view.

I picked up my dad’s old Pentax ME Super when I was in high school, and have been shooting ever since. With a degree in geography and camera in hand, I follow a simple concept: Travel . Culture . Art . I need to travel, love exploring cultures, and bring back art in the form of photography.

I was fortunate to intern at National Geographic back in 2000, which was an amazing experience. That is what brought me to DC, and I am still here. I travel every year for 2-3 months, during the winter, and sell the rest of the year at markets and festivals around the area. The reward of sharing parts of the world, and my vision of it, with other people, is beyond words. When my images receive both an emotional and intellectual response, I feel I have done my job.