Angela Bond

To create my Neo Pop Art paintings, I work free hand with very small brushes and visually break down my subject using large plains of bold color as an independent structural element. Sometimes the shapes are organic and other times more geometric. The subject dictates the flow of the painting. As my medium, I typically use acrylics on canvas, acrylic mediums and sometimes gold leaf or silver leaf is worked into an elaborate foreground or background design.

As far as my choice of canines as my most common subject, I admire dogs in part because they display what we consider to be some of the finest human traits; empathy, loyalty and resilience. I also paint various felines, horses and a bird here and there. There is probably not an animal that I do not like, and I always find that above all else they remind me to live in the moment and never forget how to play...A certain joie de vie is often the theme in my large paintings.