Angela Alvarez

I seek to expose the enigmatic frequencies that connect us all through the use of color and texture. Imagine a bead of water on a tall blade of grass bending in the wind. The movement evokes emotions and triggers colors in the mind’s eye. Everything I see, touch and smell, every brush stroke is guided by the senses.
Beyond the boundaries of color, beyond the limits of space and time.

There are no limits within the color spectrum. My art is a life line to all existence, it’s about pushing texture and color to the extreme in order for them to embrace each other in exciting new ways. I want to see how much I can alter surfaces to capture a moment in time using new methodologies. The acids on metal, joint compound and mortar on canvas prepares the surface to receive the acrylics, india inks and charcoal. Each step creates a story, a new beginning offering freedom from limitations with endless opportunities. 

I work primarily in mixed media combining mortar, joint compound, acrylics, inks, charcoal and dyes