Ana Jones
Mixed Media

Ana Jones is a Marine wife with a passion for painting the American Flag.  So over 8 years ago she started painting American Flags and created her now signature technique called "Parchique" which guarantees that each flag is an AJones original.  The "Parchique" technique sets her flags apart from all the rest.  The technique allows her flags to look like torn parchment paper,  the inspiration for the technique?   The historic look of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. 

Now her pieces can be found in homes all the way from California to Russia.  She works hard on expanding upon the unique characteristics of her art pieces, evolving them and making sure she reaches a new audience with each new design.  At the end of the day she is content with just making sure that her "babies" find a good home and whenever she has the opportunity she gives away a piece of art to an unsuspecting person who touches her heart at her art festivals.  Her way to pay it forward for the amazing life she gets to live as Americas Flag Lady.