Allan Leon
Mixed Media

"My specialty is using commercial sign vinyl to create vibrant mixed media artwork. Each of my compositions is constructed by placing individually cut shapes of self adhesive vinyl piece-by-piece on to a solid backing material.  

Using vinyl for graphic artistic purposes is not unique. Adhesive vinyl is used extensively to make custom design T-shirts and for decals for an assortment of garment and hard surface objects as an example. My use of adhesive vinyl however is fundamentally different than these common applications.
In my application I cut colored vinyl into small shapes, then paste these shapes one-by-one on to a solid substrate backing material to create a finished pictorial composition. 

The complexity of my compositions vary. For some I may use only a few colors and a handful of cut pieces. Others, like my pop-art compositions, use many more colors and require more than 200 cut piece in some cases. Either way, the challenge is how to control and apply a very unlikely artistic medium such as this. The end result is a final product that has a unique textural look and feel unlike any other artistic media".