Alison Thomas

The majority of my images are based on photographs and then digitally manipulated using Photoshop and various purchased and self-created filters to give a vision of the essence of a scene rather than an exact recoding of the scene. 

Has a neighbor ever remarked upon your garden’s beauty and your response was “it needs to be weeded” or “I should have chosen different flowers for that spot”.  Do you have a tendency to look upon a beautiful scene and only see the flaws?  My work stimulates the viewer to explore more deeply the way beauty is seen and experienced by removing much of the detail and leaving only the essence.  In doing so I not only show you a scene but I also draw your eye to the larger facets that can get lost in an ordinary photograph.  I encourage you to look upon the graceful arch of a single stem, the shape of a barely discernable mountain in the distance, the form in a pile of rocks.