Alexander McCrae
Alexander Nicholas McCrae, 41-year-old graphic artist from Palm Beach, Florida, grew up near the art deco district of Miami Beach and has been inspired by the art around him from a very young age. His love for art has guided him his entire career, and even as a teenager, his very first job was in an art gallery.
  A self-taught artist, his style of graphic art is surrealistic. He uses timeless elements in his art such as religion and animals. Alexander began his artistic career as a fashion designer. He created the most thought-provoking surrealistic art the fashion industry had ever seen, printed the art on high quality bamboo cotton t-shirts, and sold them at the exclusive “Queen of Melrose” in Melrose Beach, California.
After strong demand, Alexander moved on from fashion to canvas. He prints his art, rich in color and detail, on a much larger scale for art collectors and enthusiasts alike. With his unique editing abilities, he is able to incorporate a customer’s preferred art piece into their very own space, enabling the customer to see firsthand how their choice would complement their existing decor. His complex designs are the ultimate conversational piece for any home or lobby.
In his free time, he seeks innovative ways to create and expand his artwork concepts. He enjoys home projects, family vacations and experimenting with graphic art and design with his children who have expressed great interest in art at a very young age.