Alex Keto

Alex Keto learned the basics of photography as a news reporter in East Tennessee shooting and developing his own black and white film images nearly 30 years ago. From there, the natural transition took him to color film.

Entirely self-taught, Alex shifted to digital images when the cameras and software proved capable of matching or even exceeding the quality of film. Over the last two years alone, his work have been included in over a dozen exhibits, and he has been and will be a resident artist at numerous arts festivals.Alex breaks his work into several categories of Urban Landscapes, Collages, Black and Whites, Landscapes, and Dreamscapes.

With any of the images he captures, his goal is to find a unique vision that often employs techniques he devised himself. In the Dreamscape series, Alex combines photography with painting and drawing to create the images.  His work is featured in The Susan Calloway Fine Arts gallery in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC, 1643 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20007. In addition, he participates in several art festivals in the DC area and has various works out on exhibit at any given time.

Alex grew up outside of Washington, DC, and honed his artistic background with a fine arts degree in college.