Alexis Barbeau

Currently living in South Florida, I am always in my studio or scuba diving under the waves designing a wonderful new piece.  My elegantly whimsical seaside collection embodies my appreciation and gratitude for the sea and nature.  The process of carving, casting, and fabricating designs in precious metals and stones allows me to capture the undulating movement of branching corals and the vibrant rainbows and instant sparkle of passing masses of schooling fish.  Curved organic shapes forged into a pearl bracelet or ring make wonderfully feminine designs and introduce intriguing offshoots from the traditional pearl or stone setting.

Because of my love of the ocean and nature, I am deeply committed to preserving the beauty that I experience underwater. As a supporter of the Ocean Conservancy and Reef International, I am continuously searching out ways to shed light on the challenges facing the preservation our oceans. I hope that by bringing awareness to the beauty that is so alive under the water, we will begin to take notice of some of the problems that face the health of our seas.
My award winning collection is greatly appreciated by art and jewelry lovers along the East Coast. It is featured at Lily and Company in Sanibel, FL, Unique Boutique in Naples and Delray Beach, FL and Mashpee, MA, Objects Art Gallery in Irvington, VA, and Lois Brezinski Artworks Gallery in Delray, FL.