Alexandra Balampanoglou

I've always loved painting on my free time! As I was growing up I could copy anything around me on just about any surface, using every medium possible (pastel, aquarella, pencils, markers, e.x…) and in any scale I chose.
Not long after, I started freelancing murals at professional and private apartments, as well as drawing professionally on fabrics ( shoes, t-shirts, towels, pillows, hats ) using textile colours and brushes. I even learned body art and bio tattoos and worked on Greek Islands as a seasonal street artist. After graduating from Technological Institute of Athens Faculty of Graphic Arts & Design, there was still something more l wanted to experiment on. I wanted to create something original, modern and strong!
After 2 years of trying, I successfully invented my own relief technique combining plaster, liquid glue, melted aluminum & bronze leaves in a mixture which I then apply using an artistic spatulla on woood drop by drop! I call it Relief Metallic Art and I like to express human motion & emotion via simple illustrated designs. My technique looks beautiful under light as well because of the shadows that are created by being relief!  
I look forward in meeting you in my booth and hope you enjoy and appreciate my art as much as I do!