Alan Davis

Alan’s passion is turning freshly cut “green” locally grown south Florida hardwoods into unique one of a kind vases.  His designs are never planned, but he enjoys designs that evolve as outer layers of the wood are removed and reveal natural embedded incisions, knots, and unique grain patterns.  His primary source for wood for his creations comes from found wood, mainly rescued on the way to the land fill, and he never cuts live trees for his crafts.  Primarily South Florida hardwoods such as Florida Mahogany, Avocado, Mango, Carrotwood, Acacia, Podocarpus, and Norfork pine, are used for his one of a kind pieces.  All pieces are hand turned on a wood lathe, sanded to a fine finish, and coated with multiple coats of lacquer or Carnauba wax to a museum quality finish.