Alan Barbour
Mixed Media

"Ancient Mariners made fish rubbings (Gyotaku) while out at sea hundreds of years ago in Asian seas.

These images captured what the fish looked like, while the actual fish would be cleaned and packed in salt boxes for the long trip home.

Now you can own an Original Fish Rubbing I've made in Florida. No two images are the same, although I may use a fish for more than one rubbing. It's kind of like each snow flake is different. These rubbings are not prints or reproductions. Each one is made by me using non-toxic paint and paper. Each fish is eaten. Nothing goes to waste. I don't use boats, because I like being in the water with the fish. Wading in water neck deep is typical for how I fish. At times there will be various manatees, dolphin, shark and other marine friends (sometimes foes) whom accompany me during my time in the water. I've had sharks grab the fish away from me, and once come after me, but that's their hunt. My hunt is to find the images to show you. Catch the dream, and thank you for sharing your time with me. Stop by for a visit if you come to Largo Forida, the turtle soup is on the stove".