Welcome, Artists!

***Please Read These Important Notes - They Will Help You***

You will have to fill out this submission form for every piece of art you wish to list for sale. In order to edit a listing, you will have to email info@artfestival.com, or resubmit the entire form.

You can add multiple photos to each submission, so consider including views from different angles, detail shots, framing options, etc. Make sure the images are of good quality, but not too large (between 200-300 kb is  typically a good file size for this). Under "Attach Media," click Browse, and then Choose File to upload an image. When you click Next, do not worry about filling in the spaces that say Art Text or Title Text, just make sure the "Save to Library" box is checked, and click Save at the bottom. Repeat the process to add another photo.

In the "External Website link" field, paste the address of the web page where this piece can be purchased. If the piece cannot be purchased directly online with a credit card (via your own website, Etsy, etc.), then leave this field blank, so your phone & email will appear to the viewer instead of a Purchase Here button. 

Please limit your "Artwork Description" to a paragraph or so about the inspiration for the art, or to elaborate on specifications of the piece. This is not the place for an "Artist Biography". Visitors will be able to search for art by words in the description field, so writing a little bit about the art is in your best interest.

"Artwork Measurements" is asking for the dimensions of the piece. For most two dimensional works like paintings, photos, etc. this will mean height in inches by width in inches (Ex: 20" x 30"). For 3D works or oddly shaped pieces, do your best to say how much space would be needed to display the art.

We strongly suggest including shipping costs in the listed price, because many online shoppers get discouraged from buying when they are told there will be additional charges.

When a piece you have submitted is purchased, please notify info@artfestival.com immediately so that the listing can be removed from our website.