Bob Gwynn, Metal

Just wanted to give a big thanks to Howard and Debbie Alan for all the wonderful work they have done in creating art fairs. Without them many artists would have truly been starving. And my retirement would not have come as soon as it did. You guys are the best keep it up.

Suzanne Bellows, Fiber

Coconut Point is a great location with art loving clientele. Thanks for putting together a stellar show.

Finny Lazarus, Jewelry

Thank you! It was a great success! Best Coconut Point ever!

Richard Creel, Furniture
Lake Sumter Landing was outstanding! Great weather, lots of people and sold 69 tables. What more could an old crafter want? Thanks for a very helpful staff.
MiMi Stirn, Mixed Media
Rocked it today - best showing ever - thank you - thank you - thank you!!!!!
Ayanne Applembaum, Pottery
Thanks to you guys for providing such great venues and clientele (and I'm not "blowing smoke"!)! So cool to work hard and have the opportunity/place in which to show and sell.
Barry Bernstein, Clay

This is a hassle free show, with plenty of patrons, free parking for artists and most importantly sales. Howard and Debbie have a strong presence at the show. They stop and talk to everyone numerous times. Debbie found it necessary to help fix up my booth with foliage, which I appreciated and enjoyed. When I think about how annoyed I was the past few years with the shows I did on this weekend, with how good I felt after this one, I had a good laugh. There were no negatives in Sarasota only positives. I liked it so well, I am going to do HA's Coconut Pointe show next weekend in Bonita Springs.

Business Owner in Sarasota
Hello -- I have a business in the 1600 block of Main Street, and I just wanted to let you know what a great weekend I had during Festival of the arts Feb. 13 & 14. This was a huge boost to my store & attracted a very good crowd of people. I think events of this caliber are so good for downtown, and we in this block are VERY happy to have it in this location. We will happily welcome this event every year!     Thanks,  Kate Alton     SAMBA 1652 Main St.
Peter Jones, Pottery

First off, what a GREAT show St Armands was over the weekend.  It is the second best show I’ve ever done in Florida over the past 30 years.  Only Coconut Grove back in ’89 was better and that was 27 years ago.  The new work that I have now is just flying off the shelves as well.  I came down last week fully stocked on the new work, knowing it would be a success, and I am nearly sold out of it all together.  All I can is WOW!!!  Count me in for St Armands every year in the future.  Well done to you and Howard.  You get the people to the shows you produce and then it’s up to the exhibitors to make the sales.  A great combination.

Jeff & Michelle Cobble, Photography

Thanks so much to Howard Alan Events, their terrific team and the fabulous crowds we had all weekend for another successful event ♡ Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!