Hobe Sound - Tricia Barry

We are new to the area, and thus this was our first one. We couldn't believe how big it was, and thus only got through about a half to two thirds of it. We really love what we bought.

February 2018

Hobe Sound - Zsuzsanna Luciano

Thank you for the great event and for art lovers to come by!

February 2018

Villages - Greg Sollecito

I wanted to compliment you on your shows. I do Markets and festivals nationwide (chiefly Texas and then CA in the hot summer) and your shows are the best organized and attended and it’s almost unheard of actually organizing overnight parking. I know it’s hard to please vendors in general especially so many but as far as this Vendor is concerned you are doing a great job.  

February 2018

Villages - Ken Patrizzi

I would just like to say that the craftshow this past weekend in Sumter was fantastically run. The ease of setup and breakdown was perfect. I loved the layout. The shoppers had plenty of room to maneuver through the show. Hats off to the whole crew. 

February 2018

Villages - Robin Short

I wanted to write and let you know what a great show we had this past weekend at Lake Sumter.  The show was so well run, with check in, set up and tear down being organized and orderly. When Helayne and Mickey work together it makes doing shows so pleasant. I love doing ACE shows when it goes so smoothly. I’d like to acknowledge their great work, and let you know as well.

February 2018

Sarasota - Pamela Sofley

It was fabulous!!! Hot!! So many wonderful artist of all kinds!

February 2018

Sarasota - Ed Mello

It was a good show. Lots of different artists that you don't usually see. The setting was great also. I stayed and walked around the area and had dinner at one of the restaurants there.

February 2018

Sarasota - Kimberly Arden (Chandler)

My sincere thanks for yet another very successful show! This time it was in Sarasota over the past weekend and WOW, what a weekend!!

February 2018

Coconut Point New Years - Kay Still Foote

It was a wonderful show. I am SO glad I could be there! Every artist's work was unique and creative. I've discovered that those shows are a LOT of work, but a truly pleasant experience for those of us who attend...

December 2017

Dunedin - Paula Nelson

Thank you! It was awesome. We saw so many beautiful pieces!

January 2018